From the Pastor: Growth and Change

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Pastor Bruce

Growth takes time. Growth demands that we change. Change is uncomfortable.

This past week millions of people around the world participated in marches and demonstrations for women. There were small marches of women in remote places, there were massive marches in metropolitan places, people marched protesting abuses against women, people marched to raise awareness for issues of inclusion, and people marched to participate in a community seeking change.

We long for community and yet we as a nation are becoming more and more divided. “Fake News” and “Alternate Facts” have become phrases that identify the divisions in our political parties, media outlets, and maybe even in our homes and churches. We have become prone to be so willing to believe messages that conform to our preferences that we isolate ourselves into one particular worldview.

I still remember the day when Walter Cronkite signed off on his final newscast. We did not usually watch CBS as the signal was fuzzier than the other two channels, but on that night dad wanted to see his final words on the air. It was the end of an era. At the time he was regarded as the most trusted journalist in the country. In 2015 the popular consensus bestowed on Jon Stewart as the most trusted newscaster. His “journalist” role was on “The Daily Show” that is broadcast on the Comedy Central network. Jon Stewart himself has spoken about how awkward it is that a comedian has such a distinction.

We need the church to be a community of faith where it is okay that we do not always agree. We need a community of faith that has people from all different backgrounds. We need a community of faith where some tend to listen to Fox News and others MSNBC News and many others somewhere in between. Growth will come as we are able to listen to each other, love each other and sometimes march with each other because we know the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Peace & Grace,

Pastor Bruce

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