From the Pastor: Happy New Year!

I hope that as we move into this New Year you will consider what that new step in Discipleship might be for you this year. I invite you to consider our membership vows as a guide to thinking about a place of growth for your spiritual life. When we become members of a United Methodist Church we promise to support it with our Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service and Witness.

Prayers: How is it with your daily prayers? Many in the church use a daily devotional to guide them, each year we have distributed devotions that are available in the office. Each Sunday the bulletin intentionally leaves space for you to make notes for your daily prayers. Do you have a regular place and time to pray?

Presence: Worship is the primary gathering time for the church. How regularly are you able to attend? Are you able to help another person attend worship? Could you drive the church bus or could you pick up a church member or friend who would be more comfortable to attend with another person?

Gifts: Our giving is an act of discipleship that recognizes that we are only stewards of the material things we have. For a short time we have possession of a few things that truly belong not to us but to God who created it all. How might your sharing of your financial gifts for the ministry of the church take on some new meaning for you in this year?

Service: Wesley UMC has a wide variety of service opportunities as we feed the homeless, tend to those with a particular struggle, and care for creation. Do you have a regular time of service for the community? How is your use of time making a difference for others?

Witness: Maybe a new step in our discipleship could be to become more comfortable using our faith language in our everyday conversation. When was the last time you spoke with another person about how your faith has made a difference? When did you tell another person how thankful you are for a spiritual experience you have had?

In our Wesleyan tradition we talk about “moving on toward perfection.” No one is perfect yet in Love of God and Neighbor, nor are we yet perfect in our discipleship. Yet, maybe this year we will take one more step on our way toward perfection.

Peace & Grace,

Pastor Bruce


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