From the Pastor: On the Way

Bruce croppedPerhaps winter is thawing already. Perhaps we will have some more snowfall. It is too early to say that it is spring time, but we can see it from here.

Lent is coming soon and so our preparations for Easter are near at hand. We can prepare for new life coming forth.

We begin Lent with a personal act of piety on Ash Wednesday. With worship and the imposition of ashes we remember how we are dependent upon God’s grace. In this solitary moment with God, we are confronted with the reality that “you are dust, and to dust you will return.”

The question for each of us in that moment is, how do we want to live in God’s grace? Traditionally we follow that time with making an act of devotion through sacrifice or giving something up for Lent.

I encourage you to consider the possibilities for a particular act of devotion in this Lent season. What might help you to be a healthier disciple?

Are you basically healthy but maybe could give something up to be a bit healthier or maybe start doing something to get a little more exercise?

Jesus talks a lot about money. Do you have some savings, or are you in debt? Are there a few small things you could do to make the situation a little better?

Our United Methodist heritage affirms the need for us to read Scripture with our reason. In what way may we exercise our brains in these 40 days?

How is it with your soul? Perhaps there is a small group of people you can meet with during Lent in order to have deep conversations.

With Lent bringing us toward spring, may we notice the new signs of God’s grace that is available for each person. This grace that transforms our lives through the knowledge that we are loved.

With great joy and anticipation, may we enter into this holy season!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bruce


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