From the Pastor: Spring is Coming

Bruce contemplativeLent begins with Ash Wednesday on March 1.

As I type I can watch the drips of melting snow fall off of the roof of the church. I even saw a patch of green at the edge of the sidewalk while there is still a foot of snow piled up on the lawn. It has been a long winter. Spring is coming.


As we notice changes of the seasons in our environment it is also right that we notice the changes of seasons in our lives of faith. If we are honest there are times we just sit in a pew and listen and then move on with the rest of our week. Sometimes our faith is in the background as we get on with all the other stuff in our lives. Maybe participation in church can become a habit that we forgot how or why we got involved with in the first place. Sometimes our faith lies dormant under a pile of snow.


What is it that you want to happen in your life of faith? Surely you aren’t sitting in a pew hoping nothing will change. Life IS change. We learn, we grow, we become ill, we grieve, we celebrate, we dance we cry, we laugh, life is filled with continual change, some of it difficult, some of it wonderful all of it for us to experience. As the snow melts we celebrate the changes of new life in the spring. What changes might we celebrate as they bloom in our lives this spring?


I invite you this season of Lent to take steps of personal and social holiness to make a difference. Take some more time for prayer and reading scripture as acts of personal devotion. Attend a City Council meeting, participate in a demonstration, or help a neighbor for some acts of social holiness. Do something new. Grow. Change. Easter is coming.


Peace & Grace,

Pastor Bruce


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