From the Pastor: The Oceans are Teeming with … Plastic?

Update from a couple months ago: There is now yet another miraculous generation of guppies in my little fish tank. Like the scientist who proclaimed in the epic film Jurassic Park, “Life finds a way.”

As this first full month of Spring blossoms with color and … pollen, we might rightly become excited for the signs of new life. It’s beautiful! The miracle of life and growth inspires us. It makes sense, then, that in the month of April we would celebrate “Earth Day.” It’s a moment for us to consider our care for God’s magnificent creation.

We may wonder about God’s wisdom to give us such a great and yet fragile gift. With too many people and too little care for our environment, we are facing the reality of humanity’s unarguable impact. People are making a mess … everywhere.

There are masses of plastic garbage floating in our oceans. These masses are created by the currents of the ocean and are taking on sizes of nations. The plastics are not only easily spotted fishing nets, pop bottles or LEGO bricks. These masses include “micro plastics” of very fine bits of plastic as the larger items break down. The obvious harm to marine life is tragic. See online for more info:

In Genesis, God instructs the people to “have dominion” over the creatures of the earth and seas. They are our responsibility. How will we protect the environment in such a way that it demonstrates our care for all the living creatures? Might we continue to find a way to live in harmony with the fullness of this bold, beautiful Creation?

On Sunday, April 22 we will recognize “Earth Day” and consider our responsibility to be stewards of life. Could we carpool to church? Could some walk or ride their bicycle? Could we find ways to use less plastic, perhaps by making more use of metal water bottles? So many small steps could make a significant impact.

Peace & Grace,

Pastor Bruce

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