Youth at Pippins baseball game

Youth Group Gatherings

Pastors Scott and Dirk are excited for the new year in youth ministry! Youth Group kicked off the new school season on Sunday, Sept. 9 with a “welcome back” cookout for youth and family members.

On Sept. 16, the group started a 4-week series on school and our life with God through four topics: “Belonging” (Sept. 16), “Priorities” (Sept. 23), “Joy” (Sept. 30), and “Worth” (Oct. 7). In addition to these devotions, the group plays and prays   together and will be having more devotions in the fall and other events (such as a visit to the Corn Maze and help with the Harvest Party at Selah UMC and Trunk-or-Treat at Wesley UMC) and service opportunities.

Youth Group meets every Sunday from 4:30 to 6 p.m. at Wesley UMC. Other special events and service    opportunities will likely take place on different dates and times at various locations.



About Our Youth Group

Boulder Cave photoAt Wesley, we feel it is right for youth to have their time and space to bond with each other, share their stories, and become disciples of Jesus Christ. We also feel youth should not be secluded from the rest of church life. Our focus is to create a safe space for youth to form relationships that will help the group share the love of God to others.

While we do enjoy fun and games, our main focus is to look at God’s Word, pray for our youth group members and others, and exercise servant leadership to others in the Yakima Valley and beyond.

Our youth group consists of grades 6-12 and meets regularly on Monday evenings from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Our Wesley youth have combined with youth from Selah UMC.

We hold special events throughout the year in addition to weekly gatherings. Our youth are also actively involved in camps, mission/service trips, Day Camp/Vacation Bible School and other programs.

For any questions, please call Scott at the church office at 966-2370, or by email at